Farfetched Assertions to Queries

Q: Who?
A: Some writers, editors, artists, and lit wannabes.
Q: What?
A: The High Hat derives its name from Jon Polito’s character Johnny Casper in the Coen Brothers' movie
Miller’s Crossing. Do not give this magazine to Polito.
Q: When?
A: We're earnestly attempting a quartely publishing schedule. Therefore, we will publish on February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1 of each year. If we're running late, we will put up an apology and an estimated time of publication. We have day jobs, y’know. If you’d like notice, please enter your name into our glorious yahoogroups listserver.
Q: Where?
A: Our writers range far and wide across this globe. See the contributors page. The editors are located in Austin, TX, Duxbury, MA, Los Angeles, Berkeley, and Chicago. Our copy editor and coder is in Phoenix, AZ. Our art director, who designed these lovely, lovely pages, is in Boston, MA. Our illustrious publisher/tech guru is in Philadelphia, PA. See the Masthead.
Q: How?
A: Easy, really. Beyond that, none of your business.
Q: Why?
A: We at The High Hat do not claim to any higher knowledge regarding the point of existence or any other ontological concerns, including why moderately bad things sometimes happen to reasonably good people. That said, we at The High Hat promise to deliver the cream of the crop in essays about things worth obsessing over and shouting about: art, entertainment, and politics. Some of the writers here are pros. Some are rank amateurs. We believe in all of them. The High Hat is a (barely) edited forum for thoughts and obsessions. Some writers wear their obsessions like badges, some like a second skin, and some like a badge made of skin. We at The High Hat believe that reading intelligent, articulate fellow human beings discuss things that they care about is a very small way to uphold the Progress of Man. The Enlightenment gave us science, rationality, and general literacy. We should not be so quick to turn our backs on any means of communicating amongst ourselves. Anyway, thanks to all of the writers who have appeared in any of our issues. We can’t pay these guys, y’know. They’re doing this for the love of writing. You should read it with that in mind.

This issue and all future issues are dedicated to the writers and artists within for their unfettered brilliance, to our fearless designer/art editor Lee Caulfield for his unerring eye, to Don Slutes for his unfailing mind, to Herb Robinson for hosting us and providing us with technical support, to PeoplesForum for giving us a forum in which we can yammer at each other all the freakin’ time, and to our families for putting up with us.

Hayden, Bill, Gary, Leonard, and Paul