Fall 2004

Special Supplement: Labor Day 2004

Less A Job Than An Adventure: Confessions of a Telemarketer
Chances are pretty slim that anyone you know has been killed in a terrorist attack, but you and everyone you know has been interrupted, inconvenienced, and even downright harassed by telemarketers. Telemarketers like me.

Thought into Action: Lawrence Goodwyn on Democratic Movements
Democratic movements are surprisingly rare in history, since the vast level of organization and open lines of communication that must be built for real democratic action to occur are daunting.

The Minutemen: Put It In Simple Words
Working men are pissed.

Interview: Paul Lussier
“I had no idea what it truly meant to take the perspective of the working man, the common woman, the black, the native American Indian, the fey, feminized aide de camp to George Washington — what it really meant to bring these people to the story of the American Revolution.”

Feeling Like a Tool: Demons and the Working Girl on “Buffy”
Leave it to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to give us a major TV character dealing with recognizable service-industry work in all of its brain-numbing detail.


Letter from the Editor

In a sense, I am the editor of this beyond-pointless publication, but in a larger, and certainly more seminal sense, I am the editor of your puny lives, noting the kernels of goodness and cruelly excising with the blue pencil of my mind the far more plentiful dross.


These are people who died, died

Ray Charles

Elvin Jones

Steve Lacy

Robert Quine

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

Adriana La Cerva


The Ties That Bind
American marriage in crisis

Fresh off the Boat
The first-ever High Hat Interactive Crossword


Fate and Desire at Naptime
Tom Perrotta's Little Children

Man, Superman & Policeman
The comic-noir of Powers


More Than a Master of Everyday Horror
The films of Michael Haneke

Not a Miracle But a Machine Gun
The case for Dogville

Beware of Dogville
The case against …

The Bottom Shelf
Bad Trips

Pops & Clicks

Music to Nap By
Blonde Redhead’s Misery Is a Butterfly

Jagged, Sustained and Honking
Basic (aural) training with Lee Hyla

Bozos, Boogies, Beaners, Zips and Berserkers
The four or five funny guys of the Firesign Theatre

Point of Reckoning
The dreamscapes of R.E.M.’s best album

The Tale of the Tape
Lessons from a cassette collection


Bastard Night
Parenting in the Age of Irony with the WB's Tuesday lineup

Glad Tidings
“The Sopranos” Season Five

Cautionary Tales from TV Land, Part 1
“The Ben Stiller Show”

Cautionary Tales from TV Land, Part 2
“Freaks & Geeks”