Spring 2006

Letter from the Editor

Hello! I'm Leonard Pierce.


Abner Dean Made This
An Appreciation

DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths
Like Shiva, only with more Supermen

The Very Definition of Lame
Punk Rock Nostalgia

Are You Trying To Be Funny?
Literature is Easy; Comedy is Hard

Delicate Balance
The Rolling Stone Record Guide (First Edition)

Hell Is Not Socially Constructed
Postmodernism and horror meet in the stories of James Hynes

Little Deviant Kid Stuff
An Interview with Keith Knight

A Line in the Sand
Supreme Power's Superhuman Reality

The manga of Yuichi Yokoyama

Addio Milosevic
A Serbian cartoonist responds to the death of a despot


Career Opportunities
The Future of the Bush Administration

Intelligent Design?
Threatened by Darwinism in the World of Computer Games

The Abomination of the Pink Baseball Cap
Modern Culture Through A Major League Lens


The Life Fascistic
Fascist Aesthetics in the Films of Wes Anderson

Pops & Clicks

Out of Time
Olivier Messiaen’s Quatour pour la fin du temps

Lessons on the Ecstasy of the Moment
Notes, Thoughts, and Observations on Morton Feldman and His Rothko Chapel

Sing Me a Song to Set Me Free
Belle & Sebastian’s Rock Problem

We Have the Technology
Thoughts on Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman”


The Yelling Will Cease and the Killing Will Commence
The Case for 3rd Rock from the Sun

Inside Hollywood
Entertainment’s Love Affair with Itself

Paint-By-Numbers Cult Television
I Come Not To Praise Carnivàle, But To Bury It


Pure Profit
The Baddest Man on Television

Freddy Got a Bum Rap
Tom Green’s Film Triumph

Welcome to Zitherland
In Search of Ruth Welcome

Proud Desperation
The Stories of Guy Vanderhaeghe

Templeton, Lay, and Tyler

He Who Laughs Last
The waking dreams and political nightmares of Killer7

The Bottom Shelf
Academy of the Underrated Edition



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