Fall 2006

Special Supplement: Top Tens of 2006

The Founder Speaks
top tens of 2006

State of the Art
concert music in 2006

The Best Films in Life Are Free
YouTube’s top ten

Top Ten Literary Websites of 2006
(and before, to be quite honest)

The Year in Tights
the best (and worst) of superhero comics 2006

Death, Talk and Coffee
2006 on celluloid and disc

Ha Ha Ha
ten noteworthy films from the year we remembered how to laugh

Ten the Hard Way
winding my way through the year's best whatever

2006 at the Movies
’cause that’s what I do

The Bottom Shelf
2006 year-end edition

Letter from the Editor

Robert Altman, R.I.P.


Nashville Sounds
Altman's masterwork, song-by-song

Life is Full of Brain Dead Fools and Emotional Cripples and Then You Die
stunt casting and narrative gimmickry in Robert Altman’s Short Cuts

"For Barbara"
California Split

Don't let a thief steal into your heart
Thieves like us

Raising the Stakes
notes on performance in some films by Robert Altman

A Sense of Altman
a sublime mingling of the harsh and the gentle

A Certain Detachment
the "new Altmans"

Lake Wobegon Ungone
A Prairie Home Companion

Robert Altman's Popeye
I’m only a common sailor, but I got a soul. I gots sensitivity.

A Field Guide to the Altman Actor
the range of available performing talent as a rolling buffet table

Ladies and Gentlemen of the American Jury
Robert Altman’s Secret Honor

The Bottom Shelf
weird Altman

Pops & Clicks

Blue Gaze
Arnold Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire

Rock and the Pop Narcotic
an interview with Joe Carducci

the curmudgeonly guide to the largest grossing independent festival in the U.S.A.

The Man-Machine Will Rock You
the existential paradox of technical death metal


Out of Many, One
how the multiverse of DC Comics collapsed and the universe of Marvel exploded

To Spend Time With Fools
five novels for you inner drunk

The Peccadilloes and Ponderables of Peanuts
Charles Schulz’s Final Wisdom

On Prayer

Great Balls of Pryor


Indistinguishable From Magic
AI fiction and reality

Silverbacks, Silver Screens
the zen of film monkeys


The Face on the Barroom Floor
Deadwood: a killing that lingers

Yes, No, Maybe ...
or how one feminist quit worrying and learned to love Jimmy McNulty

Giants and Titans
Deadwood and The Wire do institutionalism



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