Winter 2007

Letter from the Editor

First Loves

An American City
New Orleans, Helen Hill and Me


Film School in 93 Minutes
Woody Allenís Annie Hall

Domo Arigato, Motherfuckers!
How Styx Made a Rock Geek out of Me

My Favorite Flag
A Hitler Youth

Old Heroes and Aging Icons
The Action Star in His Sunset Years

Let It Slide
My Trombone Years

Jake in a Box
Thackray Reconsidered

I Wanna Be Your Joyce Davenport
Hill Street Blues Roll Call

The Spirit of Radio: WNEW and Me
With Apologies to Geddy Lee and No Apologies to Anyone Else

An Elegant Trap
Stanley Kubrickís A Clockwork Orange

The Old Unreliable
A Kindly Contemplation of P.G. Wodehouse

Still Not Ready for Prime Time
Saturday Nightís Early Years

Waiting for Someone or Something to Show You the Way
How a quinseptuagenuple-platinum art-rock band helped turn me on to the funk

The Counterweight
Thomas Pynchonís Rebel Lit Rethought

Rogue Islands
How I Broke My Brain at an Early Age

Back to the Basics
Danville Days

Evolution of a Cinephile
My Movie Life

Pops & Clicks

The Community of Now
In C

Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards

The Sincerest Cynic
Randy Newman, great American songwriter?


Skibber Bee Bye
The Extremes of Ron Rege Jr.

Aleksandar Zograf
The Interview


A Home in the Uncanny Valley
The Unreal Geography of Video Games


Come Into My Boudoir
Humphrey Bogartís Philip Marlowe in The Big Sleep

The Bottom Shelf
Attack of the Arthouse Sci-Fi Movie



Medium Cool
Newhart & Rockford