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Arts & Letters Daily
Philosophy, aesthetics, literature, language, ideas, criticism, culture, history, music, art, trends, breakthroughs, disputes, gossip.

Aum Fidelity Records
The vanguard of sonic expression.
May you feel it next.

The Baffler
The authority of high culture may have collapsed, but the high-culture critics had no intention of allowing their authority to collapse with it. Instead they abandoned the mundane project of enlightenment and aimed for bafflement, for a style that made much of its own radicalism but had astonishingly little to say about the conditions of life in late twentieth-century America. We set out to puncture their pretensions and to beat them at their own game..

Bloodshot Records
Striving to encourage cross-pollination between the spirit and sound of punk, the craft and tradition of country, folk, bluegrass, and a general disdain for the confinements of mainstream tastemaking.

Hey Everybody! It's Bob and David!
America's #1 shopping chat site.

Stephen Clair
As reviewed in HH #3.

Some of the High Hat's writers also write for Culture Vulture.

Facets Multimedia
An astounding video collection unlike any in the world, famous for its breadth and diversity.

Future of Music Coalition
For too long musicians have had too little voice in the manufacture, distribution and promotion of their music on a national and international level and too little means to extract fair support and compensation for their work.

The Guardian Unlimited
Best daily newspaper on the world wide web.

Here Magazine
The stories behind where you are.

Mike Watt's Hootpage
The man jams econo.

Identity Theory
A literary website, sort of.

Lee TV
The art designer for this zine also has an impeccable ear.

Keeping an eye on the look of the web.

Noxious Minutiae
Laying the truth bare since 2004.

Stories that defy classification... brought to you weekly.

The ONLY online forum for us.

Tim O. Thompson
It's a web site. It's a dessert topping.

Word Street Magazine
Intends to do for poetry what Rolling Stone did for rock 'n' roll.

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